Clean and Protect

Clean and Protect


Why protect your carpets and fabrics?

Chem-Dry® Repel ProtectantTM leads the industry in repelling most liquids and preventing most dirt and stains from being absorbed by carpet fibres and upholstery fabrics.

  • Your carpets and upholstery stay cleaner for up to 40% longer
  • Provides an invisible protective barrier that’s safe for you and your animals
  • Is far cheaper than buying new carpets and upholstery

Clean & Protect Package

The Clean & Protect package includes all elements of the Basic Cleaning package plus the benefits of powerful protection to keep your carpets and upholstery looking great for longer.

  • Includes all of the Basic Cleaning package services, including thorough deep-down clean and removal of most spots
  • Adds professionally applied Chem-Dry® Repel ProtectantTM solution to refresh and restore factory applied stain resistant treatments
  • Rapid drying with most carpets dry in 1-2 hours and most upholstery dry in 4-6 hours

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