Oriental / Persian Rug Cleaning

Oriental / Persian Rug Cleaning


Specialist experience for perfect results.

Oriental, Persian, Chinese or Egyptian rugs require a little more care when cleaning than a normal large rug. They will often have a sculptured design, which means they have been constructed with high and low areas of fibre or have been hand cut to this effect.

Before cleaning speciality rugs of this type, we undertake a thorough test to ensure compatibility and identify rug fibre content, making allowance for any slight difference in the construction process for both machine made and hand woven rugs.

The identification of the rug fibre content forms part of our rug cleaning service and helps us to avoid possible outcomes such as colour runs, colour bleeding or pile distortion.

All of this means  that you can trust Chem-Dry to treat your prized possessions with the care they deserve – every time.

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